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Notice 3/22/19: My shopping cart is not working.  CCNow is not responding to my inquiries.
I'm looking for an alternative and will get things working again as quickly as I can.
In the meantime, please enjoy "window shopping" and the free patterns that are scattered around my website. 
Thank you for your patience.

3/25/19: I'm testing a new shopping cart for selling digital patterns.  Please look below for a few patterns to choose from.
Remember, the buy links for printed patterns do not work yet.

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Welcome to Sundrop Designs

  Patchwork and Applique Patterns
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  Digital Patterns!
Be the first to try my new shopping cart that handles the sale of digital patterns!
Since I save by not having to print and mail printed patterns, I'm passing the savings onto you by reducing the price of each pattern.

lop-eared bunnies applique pattern

Lucy and Ethel, the Sundrop Bunnies
This adorable duo is making a reappearance just in time for Easter! Bunnies fit a 6" block or larger. Each buuny can also be used separately.
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kitty silhouettes applique patterns

Kitty Silhuettes pattern pack
This set of 12 easy  applique patterns includes left and right images in two sizes, making it easy to choose which way you want your kitties to face. Some of the large size  kitties require 8" block; the small size kitties will fit 5" or 6" blocks.
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endangered seaturtles applique patterns

Endangered Sea Turtles
Patterns for six species of endangered sea turtles sized for 6" blocks or larger.
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New: Sundrop Critters Redux!

This year, I'm pulling aside some of my earliest Sundrop Critters and giving them a little make-over.
First in line is Misty the Mouse from the first year of critters.
The original Misty is one of the easiest of my critters -- great for applique beginners or for those last-minute projects that need to be done quickly.
The new Misty is still easy to do (I only added 3 pieces), but she has a little more personality than your everyday field mouse.
The new Misty pattern is FREE until May 7.  Click here to get the PDF.

new Misty   new Sundrop mouse applique pattern          old Sundrop mouse applique pattern     old Misty

  Recent Sundrop Critters

All patterns fit 6" blocks.

owl butterfly applique pattern
Owl Butterfly

blue jay applique pattern
Blue Jay

cassowary applique pattern

alligator applique pattern

narwhal applique pattern
umbrella bird applique pattern
vicuna applique pattern

sloth applique pattern

New critters
are coming soon!


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